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Do you identify with any of the following?

  • I'm unsure about my financial future.

  • Is my money invested correctly?

  • I feel respected when my adviser listens to what I'm saying.
  • When I'm old, will my health take all my wealth?

  • I wish I knew my potential for investment gain or loss during the next 6 months.
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You don't have to be uncertain or feel overwhelmed anymore.   I know what it feels like to worry you're not doing the right thing.  That's why I've spent the last 38 years helping clients live a financially, healthy, secure life.

Avoiding Losses And Achieving Potential Gains

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Client Satisfaction Agreement

We work with clients from various localities and allow them to meet with us virtually in the comfort of their own homes/offices or at our office when it is convenient for them.  

Your first strategy session is at no charge and will take 30-60 minutes.

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Wayne Fourman

(937) 548-5035

Many people are uncertain about their financial future and feel overwhelmed.  We provide a process that gives you confidence in living a financially, healthy, secure life.

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