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Client Satisfaction Agreement

We work with clients from various localities and allow them to meet with us virtually in the comfort of their own homes/offices or at our office when it is convenient for them.

We are committed to understanding our clients’ lives and helping them to make informed decisions.

Together we create a financial plan and guide you into a more confident financial future where you have a sense of accomplishment and encouragement.

We provide recommendations in the following areas: investment goals, retirement planning, including Social Security Start-Date Planning, insurance, estate planning, and tax planning.

We do not provide tax advice but can connect you with a CPA and estate planning attorney.

Asset allocation is available for your 401(k) or work retirement plan. 

We receive a commission on specific products and or charge a typical planning fee of $350-$1,295.  Asset allocation fees are $15-$250/month. All charges are discussed in detail before we provide the service.

 Your first strategy session is at no charge and will take 30-60 minutes.

 Satisfaction Agreement: If the plan doesn't meet your expectations, there will be no fee due.

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