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I provide direction for when to start your Social Security retirement benefit and investment advice for your 401(k) and other investments.

About Social Security Start-Date Planning and 401(k) Participant Help

I have been providing assistance for starting Social Security retirement benefits since 2007 and 401(k) and investment help since 1983.  You will find that this is about education, learning when to take benefits and how to manage your investments.

 My Follow Policy

I’m listening to those who have or will have needs I've described above.  My main geographic area base is in Indiana and Ohio.  If I’m not following you and you want to talk to me, you can send me an email at

What I Tweet

In general you can expect me to tweet about:

>Interesting articles I find in newspapers, magazines, blogs, research papers and websites  about retirement and income planning

>News and announcements from the Social Security Administration


Want to know more about me?  Follow my personal Twitter account: