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Wayne Fourman became a financial advisor in 1982.  He says, "I didn’t set out to be a financial advisor.  My first goal after graduating high school was not to be a farmer because I grew up on a farm and became frustrated with repairing farm equipment.  Immediately after high school graduation, I studied computer programming and completed the course in 5 months.  Then I began college only to find out that I was subject to the draft.  I wanted to avoid that and entered the Air Force.  After completing my Air Force commitment, I finished college at Wright State University with a major in accounting and a bachelor of science business degree.  It was during college that I developed an interest in managing investments and tax-planning.  At the age of 33, I became a financial advisor. I realized I loved teaching and guiding my clients through a process that gives them confidence in living a financially, healthy, secure life.”

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